Sunday, 4 March 2012

I had hoped for a lie-in today to help recover from the stresses and strains of the week but chance would be a fine thing. I was wide awake at my usual time (6.35am) and now wondering if it would be a good idea to crawl back into bed and try to grab some more sleep.

A week goes by so quickly in my world. Too quickly. It's difficult, sometimes, to keep track of the days. I often get to the weekend and wonder where the hell the time went. And have all my plans been completed? No... but I am doing a lot better at not procrastinating my life away. Progress, methinks.

I'm beginning to notice patterns with my procrastination. It's like a bad habit that I want to shake off, much like a smoker who has had enough of filling his lungs with tar. Procrastination, I think, is just as addictive as tobacco if not worse, and it breeds more procrastination (like Tribbles; a star trek reference), and is worsened when, like me, you have an impulsive nature. Still, if people can give up tobacco, I can give up procrastination...right? Well. One step at a time, I'm sure it can be done.