Sunday, 4 March 2012

I had hoped for a lie-in today to help recover from the stresses and strains of the week but chance would be a fine thing. I was wide awake at my usual time (6.35am) and now wondering if it would be a good idea to crawl back into bed and try to grab some more sleep.

A week goes by so quickly in my world. Too quickly. It's difficult, sometimes, to keep track of the days. I often get to the weekend and wonder where the hell the time went. And have all my plans been completed? No... but I am doing a lot better at not procrastinating my life away. Progress, methinks.

I'm beginning to notice patterns with my procrastination. It's like a bad habit that I want to shake off, much like a smoker who has had enough of filling his lungs with tar. Procrastination, I think, is just as addictive as tobacco if not worse, and it breeds more procrastination (like Tribbles; a star trek reference), and is worsened when, like me, you have an impulsive nature. Still, if people can give up tobacco, I can give up procrastination...right? Well. One step at a time, I'm sure it can be done.


  1. I have a solution. Every time you need to make a decision but don't know what to do or can't be bothered, you should post it on your blog. We will then tell you what you should do.

    I am sure we can provide decisions on what to eat for lunch, what to wear each day, what to read, matters of the heart, your social diary. The possibilities are endless, and where could it possibly go wrong...

    I suspect you might then soon come to the conclusion that quick decisions made by you without outside intervention is the way forward! It's a win, win!

  2. ha ha. That's great! Thanks RR. All my problems solved...and aired to the public (eek). Actually. I have no idea what to make for lunch today... any suggestions? ;-)

  3. I am pleased you have taken my suggestion so seriously. Your life is going to take a whole new leap forward from here on in and you'll never look back. (I accept no liability for any losses or injuries sustained from following the entirely wise advice offered from here on in)

    Hmm... lunch... good question... I am trying to remember if you are a vegetarian, as it might be stretching you too far on the first day to suggest an entire change of lifestyle. That can wait until tomorrow.

    So let's play it safe. I think you should have a home made Spanish omelette with salad. You could possibly also have some for packed lunch to take to work tomorrow. Or send any leftovers to London...

  4. Ha ha. I am looking forward to the challenge of actually listening to others' suggestions and carrying them out (I'm not stubborn at all...).

    I am a pescatarian, so Spanish omelette would do very nicely indeed. In fact, I've just remembered a perfect recipe which could, indeed, be eaten cold for my lunch at work tomorrow. Mmm. (I'm not sure an omelette would survive the post? But then they send pasties and clotted cream by post these days, so why not omelettes?!).

  5. I am pleased you are going to take on this challenge so wholeheartedly. You might like to have a word with G who is perhaps not as open-minded as you about such things.

    I think perhaps you should just have the leftovers for lunch tomorrow. In future I will make food suggestions that are easier to post (hamper from Selfidges etc). I can be very flexible about such things, which is why I am the ideal person to guide you through life - even if I am not so good about making decisions about my own life!

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  7. You'd have been impressed, RR, with my efforts. I even took photographs of the Spanish Omelette I made and everything. I have no idea why I never got around to posting the results on here. Perhaps, with this challenge, I should have been given a deadline for the report?! ;-)