Thursday, 24 June 2010

16. Beached


I've been off from my day-job today. I woke up unable to get up! So it's been a day of forced rest.

It has not been too unpleasant. The sunshine has been very welcome and I've spent the afternoon looking through my portfolio and deciding where to go from here. It has been an interesting experience looking at my old work and seeing how much I have developed my own style.

Over recent months, I have found it difficult to know exactly where I want to go with my photography and writing. Before, I was led by luck and circumstance but now I have the opportunity to choose what I do from now on. However, I have been hesitating because I get the feeling that whatever I choose now will be something set in stone in the future.

Much in the same position I found myself this morning, unable to get going, I have floundered like a beached whale. But now that the tide is turning, and I know what I want to do, I will soon be able to be free again.

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