Friday, 17 September 2010


I've got myself a job. At least, a temporary job. I'm working for a charity as a data entry clerk. It's opened my eyes to how generous people can be. I looked through some of the letters that accompanied donations and they were full of support and well wishes. It feels good, even for a little while, to be a part of something so great.

The British don't always have the best of reputations. We're not called "whinging poms" for nothing, after all. And there has been moments where I've thought that all people can do is complain about...everything! The weather, the news, the state of the country, the poor television, even down to whether a certain word (like "amazing", for example) is over used in day time t.v.; I could go on and on, I'm sure. But, the truth is, there are a lot of generous and kind souls out there.

It feels really good to be working again. Full time hours. Work that is constant all day (a new one for me). There's no time for daydreams; that, I can save for my journey home. Today was the first time I came home from a job and felt like I'd actually done a full day's work. I felt I'd achieved something.

The problem with temporary work is that it's, well, temporary. But it's work, so I'm not complaining. And, even better, I'm working for a charity that I've wanted to work for/with for a long time. :-)


  1. Well done on the job front, TEMP often becomes PERM :)

  2. Congratulations! I hope it is the beginning of great new things for you.

  3. Having a job that makes you feel good makes all the difference in the world...