Wednesday, 30 November 2011

4.78 miles. That's the furthest I've run so far. It's how far I ran this evening. My head is less jumbled as a result. My legs are tired because of it. I think I will sleep well...

I have been doing my fitness regime for several months now. During the summer, I was cycling like a crazy idiot (crazy because not only was I doing 20+ mile cycles, I was also doing some serious off-roading) but, now that it's dark in the evenings, I have taken to running again. I think I'm doing well.

The running helps take my mind off things. Like I had to start a sexual harrassment complaint against someone (don't worry, it was a minor incident but I am determined to stand up for women everywhere and let men like this realise that they just can't treat women like that), and my report which is nearly there (honest)... but it can be a little addictive; exercise that is. I never thought I'd be a runner, and now I want to do a marathon. It's amazing how much a person can change in a year. 

I wish my blogs were longer. Admittedly I'm tired from the run this evening and I've only now started to get back into writing but, somehow, I leave things feeling like I've left them unfinished, yet I'm not sure what is missing. Does it come with practise, I wonder?

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  1. I have vaguely thought about taking up running. I am not sure if I can summon up the energy though! I like the idea of something that is a good way to challenge the mind (and helps a bit with fitness).

    I did vaguely ride a bike while we were in Denmark in the summer, but I can't really ride a bike - and definitely wouldn't want to in London!

    That can't have been good to start a sexual harrasment complaint. I hope that all gets resolved.

    Practise does indeed make perfect...