Monday, 28 November 2011

I have to write a report for work.

Strangely, I'd even rather face my writer's block and come on here to write a blog than finish off that report. I've even gone for a quick 3 mile run this evening, even though I promised myself a break from exercise as I haven't been feeling so well. Anything I can do to avoid the report, I have done. Blogging is my last resort.

I am now in the position where I can work from home when I feel that it is appropriate (two promotions in less than 4 months has flown me into this wonderful I.T. professional role within my organisation where I can actually do things like work from home, or go to business conferences etc).I thought working at home would be fun. It's not. And it's certainly not skiving off. I did more work today than I would if I'd been at the office, simply because I didn't want to abuse my manager's trust.

I have been working on this report all afternoon and it still isn't finished. I'm exhausted!! But, yet, I still feel like I should have something more substantial...a draft. A first draft, at least.

Getting a writer who suffers from chronic, debilitating writer's block to write a report is like asking someone who is afraid of heights to jump off a bridge. It doesn't compute. There are words trapped somewhere, but they refuse to budge.

You might be able to guess, but my life has changed considerably since I last blogged. For a start, I finally feel like I'm doing a job that I can sink my teeth into. A mature job. With a pension. It's taken a lot of bloody hard work to get there (not that I tell people how hard I work). There have been tears. There has been stress. But I made it.

Perserverence is everything.

Which is why, even though I have been avoiding it, I will finish this report before I go back into the office tomorrow.

I just have to find the right words...


  1. Well done on blogging.

    Well done on doing some work while working from home.

    Well done on the promotions.

    I hope life is treating you well xx

  2. Thanks, RR. And thanks especially for commenting. I know it's been so long since my last blog.


  3. It's good to have you back and I'm pleased that things are going well for you. Just don't leave it so long to blog again (please).

    By the way, your comment function doesn't let me post comment very easily. It doesn't recognise my blogger account etc. Most odd.

  4. :-) Thank you. And I am trying to write another blog but the words seem to be stuck.

    Strange about the comment function. I'm not sure what to do about that. It's been so long since I've played with blogger, I've forgotten how to do most things. Will work on finding things out again.