Friday, 20 January 2012

I feel a bit sad today. It's a long story. Even the bare bones of the story doesn't seem to make sense to me. I keep wondering where I could possibly have gone wrong but I don't think it's me. Strike that. I know it's not me.
I don't understand why people runaway, especially when there doesn't seem to be any reason. Just ceasing contact. It upsets me. More so when I got on so well with someone. I've realised that the one thing I'll never quite understand is people. Some people, at least. I would never put every person in one category!

On Cat Central - Everything seems to be going well. The cats are getting used to me and I'm finding that I can actually relax here. I haven't been for a run since Monday, however, which kind of ruins my fitness regime (I'm up to 7mile runs now, by the way). I am out in the countryside here and I don't feel so safe running in the dark lanes at night. :-/


  1. I'm sorry you're sad. I have sat here pondering what to say, but those things would also be a long story, and about me rather than you. So all I will say is that I understand. I hope things work out, either in getting some resolution with this person, or that you are able to move forward from the upset.

    Life would sometimes be much easier without other people in it, but also much lonelier. It would be nice if life played a bit fairer sometimes!