Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The end of procrastination?

I am an interminable procrastinator. If you've been reading my blog over the past 6 years, this will probably come as no surprise. It is a repeating theme; the story of my life.
I have always suspected how bad my procrastination is but I didn't expect to be a master at it. Apparently I am. However, I am determined for it not to seal my fate. There is too much I want to achieve with my life.
Read any article on procrastination and you will see the same tips appearing again and again to overcome it but the key is getting the right motivation in the first place, and a lasting one.
As I was driving back from Dover, I stopped off at a motorway station and, there, practically throwing itself at me, was the book "The Procrastination Equation" by Dr Piers Steel. I bought it on a whim, but it's fascinating. I now hope that it will help with my years-long search for a "cure". We shall see.

Funnily enough, finding this book has almost coincided with a Time Management course I attended yesterday. (Do you see a theme developing here? I'm trying to organise and improve my life more than I ever have). This one was to help me with my job which revolves around three different roles but has applications which I can use just as easily at home as in the work place. I spent the whole journey home planning - maybe I will get those projects underway after all.

Right now, I am optimistic. I just have to keep myself motivated...


  1. Improvements usually starts off incremental but accelerate as the techniques becomes habitual and you layer one technique on top of others. Always enjoy reading about this sort of thing. Best!

  2. Thanks, Piers, for taking the time to read my blog! I shall trying "layering" one technique on top of the others, then. Thanks for the handy tip.