Saturday, 16 March 2013

Catsitting and studying

I am housesitting again. A friend from work has had to go away for a few weeks and I agreed to help out for one of those. I don't mind it so much, especially as I get to look after two very cute cats. One is a Persian, the other a Selkirk Rex (known as the Ginger Ninja).


There was a time where I seemed to be catsitting more than I was at home. That was last year before I moved into the lodge. Sometimes I was paid, sometimes I wasn't. It was just a break from living in shared accommodation with someone who was not mentally well, and who smoked too much cannabis for his own good. Now, I don't really have to as I have a home that I like, but the advantage is that it is close to work and it saves me a fortune in fuel. Plus...the cats are cute. Did I mention that they are cute? ;-)

There are few distractions in this place. Like my own home, there is no T.V., although there is actually internet (always a distraction for me, but I'm doing my best). I have a lot to do: I only have 20 weeks left until two very big exams for my course, so I have to study; I have a photography job to finish; exercise to do; a book proposal or two to write... But, somehow, I just enjoy sitting by the fire relaxing. It isn't so much procrastination as willful neglect of my responsibilities. Sometimes, you get more done after a bit of rest. That's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it.

It is ironic about the course. It is actually one I started about 3-4 years ago during a negative relationship. She was doing it too but got frustrated and angry with me when I could pick it up so easily while she had to work hard at it. I gave it up, but when I started working in IT I realised that I needed proof that I could do the job (you have to think about your C.V.). The thing is, now that I do IT day in day out, the course doesn't really cover any new ground for me, I just don't remember specifics (why would I...Google is my friend!). I did, however, choose it specifically to help me move into IT management, which is already where a third of my job lies. The thing with IT management is that you don't have to know everything, but you do have to know enough to make sure a contractor isn't screwing you over (I can't tell you the number of times men try to pull the wool over my eyes because they think that, as a woman, I know nothing. I actually enjoy that game...because I enjoy the look on their faces when you let them know that you know).

I have set myself a fairly easy study program, so easy that I haven't actually started it yet. I can see myself cramming before the exam... it's like my degree all over again. I never learn.

I have promised myself that I will study today, although it is hard when the Ginger Ninja is lying beside me wanting cuddles. I could just have another lazy day...there's always tomorrow, right? ;-)


  1. You might recall that you are meant to run all life decisions past the blog world. This can be extended to include accountability for studying. Each day you could report back on study progress and we can put a smiley face on your sticker chart when you have done a good day's study, but tut and shake our heads when you have not met the day's target.

    It's probably a good thing that I have never had children...

  2. Oh dear. I'm sorry, RR. FAIL. I will try much harder in future to include you in all decisions. My chapter part of the way through. Do I get a smiley face or an angry face? ;-)

  3. A smiley face. But don't get complacent. (I might have misunderstood the sticker chart as a form of social control).