Tuesday, 5 March 2013

I have been to Scotland; Edinburgh then Loch Lomond. What a beautiful place, the mountains and the water.

It would have been ideal but I couldn't seem to shake off the shadow of work. Then I got a stomach bug on the way home.

The thing is, I couldn't drive home on Sunday as planned so I had to do it yesterday when I felt well enough. I knew how bad this would look: like I wanted to skip an extra day off, keep the holiday feeling alive for 24 more hours. But what can you do? Show photographs of you projectile vomiting?

Back-to-Work meetings seem to make it more stressful somehow. I am informed that it is to make sure that I am ok, but secretly I think it is to make sure you're not taking the piss. I like my HR manager, but I am uncomfortable with what is written down (the smallest detail).

I returned to work today before I was well enough. (I wasn't contagious, just exhausted and achey). I am paying for it now, after a 14 hour day working and doing my course. I have realised that if I didn't spend so much time worrying about what other's think of me, I may have allowed myself to recover somewhat. My honesty should surely speak for itself...shouldn't it?

In today's world, though, too many people are faking illness rather than go to work, so all of us have to pay for it.

Anyway. Grumbles over. I did rather enjoy Loch Lomond and I am sure I will visit the area again soon, though maybe via plane next time. 


  1. Welcome back!

    As managers we have to do the return to work interviews, rather than HR. I wouldn't immediately assume that someone who was on leave then was off sick was just trying to get more time off. Unfortunate timings happen and if I know the staff I manage, I know if they are someone who is legit. The process is a blunt tool and treats everyone equally - even if that is somewhat unfair!

    I hope you feel fully better soon xx

  2. Hi RR and thanks for the welcome back. :-)

    You're right, it is a blunt tool and not always accurate but hopefully they know me by now. I have been unfortunate to have been ill a lot since xmas but hopefully now on the mend. Thank you x