Friday, 13 August 2010


It's been a whole week now since I quit my job. I had thought that being off work would be dull and I'd have nothing to do but, on the contrary, I've had the busiest week of my life, it seems.

I've been madly applying for new jobs while relaxing in coffee shops, having a reflexology session (oh my god...if you haven't tried this, I would really recommend giving it a go), having an Indian Head Massage, working on completing my NVQ (again, in coffee shops), meeting new people, meeting up with friends. Today is the first day I've been able to just lie in bed for as long as I want without panicking too much about my next outing.

To be fair, it hasn't all been relaxing and it certainly hasn't been plain sailing. It's been, in fact, a very stressful week. I quit the job I had at my parents' business (so I'm not in their good books at the moment) and filling out all of those application forms is a nightmare. This is why Kirsty was so wonderful to book me in to the spa treatments. It was a few hours of pure relaxation amongst a week of turmoil.

It might sound bad but I feel that things are finally starting to work out for me ( jobs yet, nor even an interview) but I finally have the space I need to be able to work out what it is that I want to do with my life. There are no more rules or obligations. I am free to choose. So if I don't concentrate too much on the what-ifs or maybes, this is actually probably one of the most liberating experiences I can have. :-)


  1. Great to hear that you're letting yourself figure out what you want, as opposed to living under the fear of offending people. It's lovely to know that there are people determined to break away from old lives to better themselves and create new, healthy ones. Good for you. I hope there are more people like you.

  2. Thank you very much for your comment, anon. :-)

  3. Good luck finding what you want to be doing, and getting to do it! Working for parents can help you -- and them -- along, but unless that is where you see yourself in twenty years, it's better to make and end to it. I do hope that they come round to seeing that this is for the best, and that you get back into their good books very soon!

  4. N - Thank you so much for your comment, your words are always appreciated. I think it might take them a long time before they come around to the idea but I'm just going to stay strong and know that this really is for the best. Thanks again. :-)