Wednesday, 25 August 2010

33. They're like buses.

Sometimes waiting to hear back from jobs is like waiting for a bus!
Today, I had another interview confirmation but for the exact same
time as the last. It's all rearranged now but I for a moment there, I
couldn't believe it. It's very exciting to be in this position!
Anyway. Yesterday I fell down the stairs and hit my head. It didn't
seem to knock any sense into me...knocked it out, more like. My neck
has been sore ever since. :-(
And we have an internet fault at home, so i'm going stir crazy without
it. I'm sending this to you via email on my mobile...a test, if you
please, to see if I can get it working :-)


  1. Well done on the interviews. Not so well done on falling down the stairs and hitting your head. I hope you're ok.

    I hope your internet gets fixed very soon. You might get so desperate that you have to buy a TV!

  2. Thanks, RR. :-) And, I'm okay thanks...just resting the neck and doing the prescribed stretching exercises!
    Internet is partially up and running, so I guess we won't see if we get desperate enough to buy a TV ;-)