Thursday, 27 September 2012

I am still very much missing the weekend and wish that I could be catapulted right back to Friday so that I could experience everything again. However, the craziness of the week has ensured that time has raced on by and, before I have even blinked, it is nearly Friday again.

There was a brief moment, just the briefest, that I had a touch of the woe-is-me's yesterday. I was tired. I have started an evening course at college which is technical and a lot to absorb. Work has been...well, work. Plus I had a ghost visit me from the past (don't they know that things should remain in the past?!). Ten minutes, I sat there and thought: wtf! Then, I got myself up, had a cup of tea and decided to double the effort into the things that actually matter.

The first week of my self-challenge has gone by fairly successfully. Ok, so I only did one hour of kung fu tonight because I was not feeling quite up to it, but I will have run 14 miles by Sunday (16 if I have enough time to do 6miles tomorrow).

I think my biggest problem so far is saying no to things I want to do, like hanging out with my mates even though I have some strict deadlines this week. (I'll make it up to them next week!!), and no to spending hours searching for new songs on Youtube (I failed on Tuesday but I did get a lot of music on my walkman ;-) ).

Staying focused is not as easy as I thought. Procrastination and distractions are the wolves waiting at the door.


  1. It is the weekend again. Fret no more. I hope it was worth the wait!

    Good work on the kung fu and the running.

    Is your walkman an actual walkman i.e. with a cassette tape or have they moved into the 21st century? Colleagues were laughing at me earlier due to my inability to name that modern piece of technology known to the cool kids as an iPod, so I am maybe not one to comment on such things...

  2. I shall fret no more RR. :-)

    No, my walkman isn't an actual walkman with tapes and stuff. They have modernised and have gone into the MP3 market. lol.

    Don't worry. I am an IT Geek by profession and I get confused by the IPads, IPods, IMacs, I..don't know whats. Lol. I am not an Apple person. You can be cool without being part of the "cool" (I say that with a dry sense of humour) culture. ;-)