Saturday, 8 September 2012


Time flies.
I've been too busy.
I've been stressed out.
I've got writer's block.
Um...I forgot...

These are just a few of the excuses I manage to find not to write a blog or, in fact, do any writing whatsoever. I even use them not to do adult stuff that is easily avoidable (except for dusting, my dust allergy has been getting worse lately, so I can't get out of that one! NB. How ironic: I hate dusting - I mean, I really really don't like doing it - but I am allergic to the stuff. I am allergic to dust mite poop. Nice).

When I got my Smart Phone, it gave me instantaneous access to blogger...and also instantaneous distractions. Oops.

It comes down to motivation.

I am motivated enough to go running, or walking, and most definitely for kung fu (which I'm doing two hours a week now) but writing... that involves sitting still for more than ten minutes.I can sit still for longer than ten minutes if I'm watching a film. I can sit still for longer than ten minutes if I am catching up with friends. But writing...!

A few weeks ago, I decided to give myself a friendly kick up the arse. (No easy feat, I can tell you). I managed to get myself a commission to write an article for a magazine. Great! Fantastic, even. But, now the interview has been done, here comes the hard bit: I have to write. In fact, I have to sit still long enough to write. This will be an interesting challenge.


  1. Good luck focusing on the writing! Does music help or hinder?

  2. Thanks! I haven't focused yet...
    Music can be a help if it is the right kind.