Thursday, 23 August 2012


If you were told that you could meet another you, in a parallel universe for example, what would you do? Would you want to meet this other self? Would you want to ask them questions; would you try to discover who you are from them?

It makes you wonder though, doesn't it? If you could really see an alternative you - who is like you in every way - would you like yourself? We are often blinded to our own foibles  and peculiarities, but strangely we also spend a lot of time beating ourselves up or giving ourselves a hard time. Or, at least, I know I do.

I do like to spend quite a lot of time on my own, and I indulge in introspection as I walk for miles upon miles in perfect isolation but I am only slightly closer to knowing who I am. I mean like really knowing. There are just so many questions. Wouldn't it be easier if I had another "self" to ask.

Imagine if it was possible. I would like this other me, I am certain of that. Admittedly, I would have a few words with her about procrastination and motivation, and maybe patience too, but I would pat her on the back for getting back up every time she suffered a fall; and for signing up to kung fu even though she's shy. I would say well done for all the achievements in the last two years: for losing all the weight, for becoming fit and healthy, for pushing herself to run and cycle no matter what the weather. She's pushed herself into meeting new people and has made many friends along the way. She has coped with heartbreaks and suffering but still she is a kind and compassionate woman who is a loyal and trusted friend. Thinking about it, that other self is pretty strong when she has to be, which means that I must be too. That's kind of cool, when you look at it like that.

I'm not trying to enlarge my ego, it's just that sometimes I think that it is so easy to beat yourself up for all the little failings that you end up missing the bigger picture. One of my friends once said that everyone is stronger than they think they are. I am now beginning to think that's true.

So what would you see in your self if you had a parallel "you" standing in front of you? Would you see them for all the good and the bad?

Wayne W Dyer said: "You cannot be lonely if you like the person you're alone with". We are with ourselves all the time, even in sleep we are there in some shape or form, so perhaps it's for the best that we learn how to like ourselves otherwise it will be a long and bumpy journey.


  1. I don't know that I would want to meet an alternative me. I think I might find that a bit freaky!

    I think meeting an alternative you (me!)would be good in that presumably there would be someone who "gets you", but also perhaps someone who also has the same lack of insight. If the real me doesn't know quite what makes me tick then maybe the alternative one won't either?? Sometimes a different point of view and life experience can be what is needed to gain insight.

    Maybe the alternative you could help you find that elusive young lady you are looking for - or be competition??

  2. RR - you always make me chuckle. You know what, my other me would be a right monkey and would definitely be competition. Just as well my twin sister neither looks like me, acts like me or goes for the same girls or there would be trouble (she has just moved back to the county temporarily).

    You make some good points. Proves perfectly that having someone with a different point of view and life experience can help. :-)