Tuesday, 21 August 2012

I've been a bit AWOL. I suppose that's not much different to how I usually feel. Maybe I'm permanently AWOL?

I am often very much a lone wolf. I go for my 12+ mile walks on my own and I enjoy every moment of my own company. I like to go off road cycling and get plastered in mud...on my own. I don't need company, or so I thought. This is what I call going AWOL. One of my friends said that I go a bit feral, but being wild isn't something I'd associate with myself. I do, however, sometimes find it difficult to relate to the world so I just go quiet for a while so that I can figure things out.

As I said, I thought that that's all I need but today I felt sad: I've never had anyone to share these adventures with; not someone who actually gets it, anyway. For a start, I don't actually know anyone who would be up for walking 5 hours at a time and who stops to look at cool wildlife along the way. And I have only ever met one girl who likes cycling like I do. I'm sure she's out there, I just haven't met her. I guess I have realised that that is what I am really missing. :-/

In the mean time, while I take time off work, I am adventuring as much as I can. I might not be able to share it, but at least I can still have fun.


  1. I like walking for hours and looking at wildlife and other sights along the way (I am spoken for though!).

    I guess part of the way to find such a person is to do things that give the opportunity. Maybe join a walker's group, or a nature group (not a naturist group...) or a wildlife spotting group or put notices up as you do your lonesome walks (or perhaps not). I am sure there are plenty of eligible young ladies who have similar interests and aspirations as you. You need to start hanging out in the same places though.

    Keep us up to date on progress!

  2. dont your just love photos and photography, im loving the blog to. nice work

  3. RR - So there are some girls out there like me?! Amazing. Now if only I can find one who isn't spoken for, I will be getting part way there. :-p
    Glad you clarified the nature / naturist group. I could have ended up in a rather embarrassing situation. Ha ha.

    C.P. thanks for the comment and for reading my blog. I do love photos and photography. :-)