Saturday, 11 August 2012


Yesterday was a tough day. I sometimes suffer from hypersensitivity to my senses (no, not my common sense...). Sound and lights in particular can be a problem.
I have always been able to hear bats, or even a watch from across a room. Light can give me headaches or eye aches so I always wear sunglasses when outside. Throw me into a field full of music, people and fairground rides like at the Boardmasters music/surf/skate festival and I lose it. Yesterday was sensory overload and I all but shut down.

My friends were A class people and took me out for a few hours, even though they missed the TinTins playing. But we did get back just in time to see Ed Sheeran play a two hour set and he was awesome. I'm glad that I went back.

It is only in recent weeks that I have discovered how much of an impact hypersensitivity can have on my life. I guess it might seem peculiar to those who have never experienced it. On one hand, it is ultra cool to be able to hear bats (my friend who is an environmental worker is so jealous), on the other side it can lead to anxiety and something that I can only describe as being close to pain. Though it isn't actually hurting.

I have never been to a festival before for this precise reason. So I guess it was a success being there but, I have to say, it is unlikely you will find me at another one anytime soon. :-/

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