Thursday, 9 August 2012

I know Kung Fu...

Well, to white belt at least.

I have been going to a kung fu class for six weeks now  and tonight I was graded for my first ever belt....and I passed. It was very satisfying.

Learning kung fu has not been an easy ride. For a start, I surprised myself by actually starting it in the first place (going to something like that on my own has always been too scary for me); plus, I have terrible memory and co-ordination (I'm always covered in bruises). So this white belt is an achievement that shows pure effort. I know it is only the first belt and the nine year old kid also grading today was a lot better than me, but details don't matter. I did it! A good way to start a much needed two wk holiday :-)


  1. Thanks for creating blog of Kung Fu .

  2. Thanks sj. and thanks for reading my blog :-)

  3. I love that you are in the same class as a nine year old! Well done on the white belt.

  4. Thanks RR. lol. It was going against the 7 year old that was worse!! It is what we call a family group because it is open to all. Plus... everyone has to start somewhere. :-)