Thursday, 9 August 2012

Losing the mask.

I used to write my blogs anonymously, hiding behind a pseudonym; it was easier somehow. I guess I used to live my life like that: anonymously behind a chosen mask.

Lately, I have braved the world without that mask. I am me, and, despite my fears, I have found true friends who accept me for exactly who I am. I never expected to find that.

Life has led me down a rough and brambly path. I have been scratched and caught up in the thorns along the way but, right now , in this very moment, I have found a space where I am content to stay for a while. I am there for my friends as much as they are for me. And I have found that there is contentment knowing that. I don't need more in life than that.
It is worth facing the fear of losing the facade.

1 comment:

  1. When I "connect" with people I am always reminded how great that is, and then return to my Londoner anti-social ways.

    Being brave is good!