Saturday, 4 August 2012

A moment to reflect...

Life moves at an incredible pace these days. Sometimes I wonder how time could possibly have moved on so fast...did I miss stuff along the way? I sometimes wonder if the important things that should have been done were left behind in the excitement of a new relationship and a new group of friends. Have I neglected old friends while my attention has been diverted? I don't know. It has been a blur.

I have always been a dreamer - and a deep thinker - trying to make sense of this world around me. Some may well say that I think too much but this is who I am. I get confused by a lot of things and don't always understand when I get things wrong. But I always do my best. Lately, I have felt out of touch: time being my enemy; my diary always full. Where is my moment to reflect?

While life has become exciting (I even do kung fu now), I wish that it would slow down enough for me to take it all in, because I know that these are the years I wil always want to remember.


  1. Pleased to see you back. I am glad you have been doing exciting things.

    Taking time to to reflect can be good - so long as it doesn't hold you back from actually enjoying life.

    I hope you're back again soon.

  2. I have been trying to reply to your comment for ages! I have a lovely new, and very clever little android phone with a blogger app. However, I have been able to post comments yet (scary how a professional IT geek can be hopeless at using gadgets).
    Anyway...just to say thank you for the comment!! :-) Should be around for a while, at least.

  3. Glad to see you are back too! Funnily enough, Boo and Skibo just started taking martial arts (in their case, a Korean form called Kuk Sool Won) --- it's amazing to see how their bodies move! Hope you enjoy it!