Saturday, 29 September 2012

I had set aside today for writing, even though I knew that I could be doing something much better. Last night I was cursing my sensible nature and wished I'd driven off into the blue (well, not the blue because I know exactly where I would have been driving to...). Anyway. When there is work to be done, you can only procrastinate for so long.

I also aimed to have a lie in this morning but, at 8am I had a text from a good friend asking if I wanted to go for a coffee. Within an hour, we were in Truro having a cuppa and a granola bar (bad but not so bad...right?). Then it was off to the food festival and then a very expensive trip to Lush (my friend, being a guy, was a good sport for humouring me while I tried various gorgeous smelling products).

So that was the morning writing. Oops. Procrastination at it's best.

But now to the serious stuff. I have to write. My article will not, unfortunately, write itself. I have all the notes written up. All the thoughts and plan typed out. But it's that common problem again, I look at the blank screen and I feel the panic rising in my chest.

'I can do this', I tell myself as I try to write the first paragraph, but there is another voice that says I can't.

I hate the words 'I can't'. They should be banned from my vocabulary.

Writing is very much about self belief. A block is when you start to doubt yourself. Doubting yourself becomes habituated into your whole writing experience. It's crap.

Anyway, I am well aware that I am using this blog as a procrastination tool at this moment in time. So, off I go to write. Wish me luck...?


  1. I wrote a comment yesterday, but it doesn't seem to have appeared here. Maybe your comment system thought I was a robot. An easy mistake to make.

    Anyway... it was something about saying good luck, but that you should have finished by now. You have now had over 12 hours since you posted, so you REALLY should have finished by now. No pressure...

  2. Hi RR. Thanks for the message. Terribly sorry for my delayed response!! I was successful in completing my article and have had it accepted. Very exciting times :-)