Sunday, 9 September 2012

Procrastination and stuff

I can't tell you how much effort it took to take out my laptop this morning and actually start writing. For two hours I have been using some great diversion tactics, like looking at bikes. Well, actually just for this bike:
This bike is in my dreams. Always. It is also just out of my reach, financially.

I blame the guys at work for this diversion. They were asking me how my cycling was going and I discussed how off roading was going well but to start seriously considering the long cycle to work, I would need a road bike. They tried to convince me that forking out the £800 for this beauty on my credit card is a good thing because it is like an investment (bikes don't lose their value much). They don't know, of course, that I am still paying off my credit card debt that my ex left me and the car loan my ex wife left me (I know, I used to have "idiot" written across my forehead. I'm learning).

After much googling, I found the bike on sale for £599. Amazing. I then spent too long justifying the purchase. True, if I cycled to work every day it would save me a staggering £1400 a year. Cost against savings, it would be an investment. BUT it would mean a heavy commitment from me. 25 miles a day, every day, in rain, snow, wind. Would I be too tired for Kung Fu on Thursdays? Or my IT course on Tuesdays. Or...

I didn't buy the bike. But I WANT the bike. I want doesn't mean I should, right? Being an adult is not much fun when you try to be sensible.

So, this morning I rediscovered that I am still a contender for the world's worst procrastinator (or would that be best procrastinator?!) title: I even procrastinate with the things I am using to procrastinate. Sigh.

And all this when I was supposed to be writing.


  1. Hmm... buy the bike... don't buy the bike... Once again I am drawn to remind you that you are meant to be leaving all your life decisions to your blog readers.

    I think depending on the size of the debt and how comfortable you are with debt, it is best to make sure you have put a decent in-road into paying off the debt - despite it costing more money to commute at present. The money they charge on credit card debts can be extortionate. That said, have you looked into doing a 0% balance transfer (I assume you are paying interest)? Martin's Money Tips is marvellous for advice on this and other related things. A downturn in the weather might also focus the mind in terms of how much use you will get from it all year round.

    Please prepare an action plan, including timescales, on how you will pay off the debt, charting your feelings each morning about whether you would cycle to work, and on steps you are going to take each day to find your perfect woman (preferably a rich one*).**

    * I know you're not actually that shallow. Clearly I am though. However, I am very practically minded in terms of dealing with your debt and it would be far more efficient to deal with both your debt and finances in one go.

    **I might have taken this self-appointed role a little too seriously.

  2. Sorry RR. I forgot that part of the deal: all life-changing decisions should be put to my readers... and as you are the only one to reply with the answers, I guess that means I should turn to you as the fountain of all knowledge and decision making. ;-)

    You make some very good points. I particularly think the weather change might make me less likely to want to cycle in. Especially in icy conditions (I hate being cold).

    An action plan. Now that sounds like a challenge. But where can I find a perfect, rich woman?! Now that's got me thinking: could I be shallow for a year then get back to being me again after I've got the bike? ;-) .

    I like that you have taken this role seriously. Perhaps I should hire you as a personal assistant for when I am struggling to make my decisions?