Sunday, 14 October 2012

Moving day is drawing nearer and I think I am getting organised. I say think because I'm in denial: I have 5 days left...4 of those days are at work and 2 evenings are booked with courses :-/  I like challenges...

The good thing about moving is that you get to go through all your stuff and decide what you can't be bothered to move...which, as it turns out, is most of my belongings. If I can move my stuff in 2.5 (I have the bike) car loads, I will count that as a sucess.

So, carboot sale here I come. Oh, and there are plenty of books to go to the book bank...again.

I always think that moving allows you to breakaway from your past and start afresh. I have new and exciting things to focus on, so why carry the past in boxes wherever I go?

I am currently on phase two of the packing. Phase one was going through my stuff and chucking away junk, and piling up everything immediately obvious that I won't need. Phase two is going through the stuff again and throwing out more. Phase three, hopefully tonight, will be going through everything again and only keeping the stuff that I know I would regret getting rid of.  It is not easy being this strict on myself, but it is essential now that I am going to give myself the new start that I deserve.

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  1. Wow. Time really is going by fast on this. I doubt I could now get my stuff down to two and a half cars worth. I am not very good at throwing things away.

    I am so pleased that you are getting excited about your move. A hwole new adventure starts very soon...