Tuesday, 23 October 2012

New Beginnings

The move took place without any problems at all, except for a very cold first night until I figured out the heating arrangements. However, I did have some very good company from a certain special someone which helped. :-)

Everything is going well, and I am now happy in my little wooden lodge. It is a shame, then, that I will be cat sitting for the next 6 days. Already, I am missing my little home.

It is funny, the things I have found pleasure in that most take for granted: like making my own house rules, playing whatever music I like, and having visitors whenever I want. Living in a houseshare simply does not give you freedom. At all.

There is just one problem though. It is unavoidable too and something I have to accept as I am now living in the middle of nowhere in a wooden lodge: spiders. Huge spiders. A large one was on my dressing gown this morning...while I was wearing it. :-/ Luckily I caught it in a glass and took it out but I know there are more hiding in the shadows.

Spiders aside, I am happy and enjoying my freedom. No internet except for my phone is a strange added bonus which I have so far enjoyed. The peace and quiet, and the proximity of nature is like heaven.
More news will follow, I am sure. But for now, back to work.


  1. I was wondering how the move had gone. I am pleased it has gone well. However, I am horrified, HORRIFIED, about the spider issue.

    I have therefore concluded that country living is not for me - and if I drop in for that cup of tea, there had better be good cake to go with it.

  2. Lol. RR, I was horrified too. I can cope with spiders but only if they aren't actually crawling on me.
    When I am backat the lodge, I will be starting to make all my old recipes. Fresh, homemade bread, scones (with jam and cream, of course) and fruit cake. All for my visitors :-) I am excited.