Friday, 26 October 2012

Life and stuff

The weekend is here. I'm sat beside a roaring fire (I might have put too much wood on it in my excitement...and my impatience to get the fire going...) and waiting for the arrival of that someone special. She shouldn't be too much longer but already my stomach is in knots with excitement.

Life does take strange turns when you least expect it, doesn't it?! Just three weeks ago, I had no idea that I would be moving house. Three months ago, I had no idea that I would meet up with someone very special indeed. Three years ago, I had no idea that I would change jobs after 8years of employment in one place. You think you are on one path but the road forks and twists the whole time. Who knows how much life can change in just a moment.

There is the Buddhist concept that everything is change. Nothing, not even your thoughts, are the same from one moment to the next. Even your body changes, the cells die and are replaced. I read somewhere that there is not one part of us that we are born with that is with us today. If everything is in motion, all we can do is ride the waves and embrace the change, good or bad. Tomorrow is a new day, bringing with it new experiences and hope.

There are times that we are desperate to stay with, and other times that we could do without. But Change is the journey and the path. It is a personal journey, unique to every one of us.

My worst times have been plagued with the feeling that things would always remain the same. A pity I did not realise how wrong that notion was. Perhaps things would have changed so much faster. Perhaps not. I believe that we have lessons to learn in life and that we continue to have similar experiences until we learn what we need to. 

Open fires always bring out philosophical ideas in me. Maybe because the flames themselves remind me so much of life in motion.

I hope you all have a super weekend.


  1. I am just sat here on a Saturday morning next to a warm radiator. It doesn't quite compare.

    I think what you have said is true, but the thing that means we recognise and embrace the opportunities is our attitude and openness to see them. You certainly seem to have that ability and insight and that is what makes life very exciting for you. You are inspirational as ever!

    Have a grrrrreeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaat weekend.

  2. Warm radiators are definitely not the same! I hope you were nice and warm though, considering the temperature drop we have experienced.

    It is always harder to see change in that way when things are going badly but I try. :-)

    Oh, I had an amazing weekend, thanks!! I hope you did too.

  3. Hello there,
    I have been catching up with your news. Sounds good. Good luck.